The only radio program in the Philippines that focuses entirely on ASEAN, it’s member states and Asean Integration.

This program timely serves the Filipinos with a program to adequately and efficiently inform them of matters which has great impact in the most important facets of their life in the aspect of: Economic, Socio-Cultural and Political security.

Asean Hour targets the general public considering that the matters that it tackles transcend the needs and interests of the Academe, Business People, Government and Non-governmental officials.

The program definitely promotes social values like the Values of Cooperation, Collaboration, Integration, Unity, Equality, Harmony, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Law-abiding, Caring, Sharing, Pro-activity, Transparency and Responsibility.

Weekly on the Asean Hour, the hosts talk about ASEAN issues and concerns culled from their experiences and knowledge by virtue of who and what they are vis-à-vis ASEAN.
They also discuss places to see and foods to eat in the 10 member-states of ASEAN as segments, to entice the listeners to listen to the program.

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